The Gridlock Ep. 2: Around the World of Football

pass the ball down field jay smith coach oGRIDLOCK 3000x3000

Today’s episode is centered around football, starting with college and who is more likely to remain undefeated this year Notre Dame or Bama? We have our “sponsor” of the week centered around a certain top-tier Redskins CB (⌚21:54). In our second segment, we review what happened in week 6 (⌚22:53) and then dip our toes in the water of week 7 looking at some upcoming featured matchups (⌚40:30). In the third segment, we go local talking Skins #HTTR. We recap what happened during the Panthers game and reevaluate where the Skins are at 5 games into the season (⌚52:23). We brought up issues with the Skins WR corps and take a deeper dive into it with the news of Raiders listening to offers for Amari Cooper for a first round pick, and if it would make sense to trade for him or bring in Dez Bryant (⌚1:02:08). We finish the show with our preview and prediction if the upcoming Skins vs Cowboys game (⌚1:10:18).

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