The Gridlock Ep. 8: Oh No! We Suck Again!

suck again

Welcome back to the Gridlock, we were unfortunately not able to get out a podcast last week due to some scheduling errors, but the Gridlock is back! Today we talk about the Skins vs Eagles MNF game and how disappointing it was on how many levels along with the crew that broadcasted the game that equaled in disappointment. We then hop into a brighter topic in the Nationals, discuss their 6 yr $140 mil. the signing of Starting Picher Patrick Corbin as well as a number of other notable signings and trade that have made in this early part of free agency. We finish the show Talking some Caps as well as Maryland football and Basketball. Don’t forget to check us out on iTunes! Please rate, subscribe, and write us a review! If there are any questions you would like to ask us you can Tweet us them (@gridlockdc), email them to us, or leave them in your iTunes review! Enjoy!

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